Joining the 9th scientific Abbott Symposium 2011

Heidemarie Hille, Director, participated as talking partner in a panel discussion at the 9th scientific Abbott symposium 2011 in Wiesbaden.

The panel discussion was entitled „Chances and challenges of the laboratories in the difficult environment of healthcare industry“.

Scientific lead and moderation: Prof. Nauck, University Greifswald

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Wilfried Winzer (Commercial Director University Dresden), Heidemarie Hille (Director Aerophelia ltd. and Controlling of a Department University Göttingen), Dr. med. Astrid Dirkes-Kersting (Director Practice for Laboratory Medicine Gelsenkirchen) and Prof. Dr. med. Cornelius Knabe (Director Institut of Laboratory Medicine  Heart- and Diabetes Center NRW, University Ruhr-University Bochum).

Invitation to the 9th scientific Abbott symposium 2011