A decade Aerophelia – Interview in CHARAKTER 2016-04

In the new edition of CHARAKTER 2016-04 there is an interview with Heidemarie Hille, owner & director of Aerophelia® ltd., regarding our 10th anniversary. CHARAKTER is the leading society magazine of Göttingen region.

Under the title „A Decade Aerophelia – Individual project management for the healthcare industry“ Heidemarie Hille reports on the growth and performance of Aerophelia® ltd. since its founding in 2006.

We wish all enjoy reading of this very interesting interview and are happy to answer questions.

Interview CHARAKTER (only in German)

In addition on page 94 of the current edition is an article about the 11th BVMW meeting which Heidemarie Hille also joins: Article of 11th BVMW meeting